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The truth behind Pete Murdock

Search Google and you will find:

I do not know how long you have been in Ypsilanti, but I do know that anyone who refers to Mr. Murdock as “a good guy” either is one of his beneficiaries or does not have the historical perspective of someone who lived under Mr. Murdock’s leadership.

I do not exaggerate to say that many citizens felt that Mr. Murdock was worse for this city than his contemporary who is now, at long last, in prison.

I cannot express categorically enough that Mr. Murdock is corrupt and has been proven so by the courts.

Likewise, the thought of returning Mr. Murdock to public office is immensely disheartening.

I am voting for Mr. Murdock, but only because I believe he has lost enough control that the current environment will hold him in check and make his abuses impotent.

This is the worst election for third ward voters since the emancipation from the grasp of Mr. Murdock and his cronies.

I hear Murdock tried to do some cronyism back door dealies and sue the city when they wouldn’t let him back in the day.

Murdock cannot be returned to city council. The fact that he still has retained the gall to live here astounds me. That he would run, again, is unthinkable.

Murdock and his wife have paid supporters cash under the table to deliver leaflets. They are even offering to pay cash to volunteers to make campaign phone calls.  Paying cash and not reporting the expenditures is against the law. If a candidate will skirt the campaign finance laws just to win an election, how can you trust them to be ethical and honest once they are in office?

Mr. Murdock counted on his last ditch smear campaign, like McCain, to ride him back into power.

It’s very reassuring to know that all history before 1960 has been erased in the minds of the great “brainwashed” masses. “Those who refuse to learn from history are bound to repeat it” which, incidentally, speaking of more recent history, will most definitely be the case if Murdock is elected – yet again.

Pete Murdock has a well-documented history of corruption.

For Murdock surviving as a potential candidate, I blame Farmer. I cannot send him back.

Now I hear from others more knowledgeable than I that Cheryl’s friends are actually out in ward 3 campaigning AGAINST their party’s candidate for City Council!

This takes being a sore loser to a whole new level….

Teaspout: “with us or against us” … “exclusive secret handshake” … “certain fashionable minority” …

I think it is exactly these kinds of comments (and this kind of thinking) that is dividing the community and preventing people from working together to solve the City’s problems.

And that, really, is the point I was trying to make in my earlier post. Rather than offering a fresh perspective or new ideas, all “Team Murdock/Bodary/Richardson” seem to be able to offer is a constant stream of negativity and antipathy toward City Council, City staff, boards and commissions, etc. This goes way beyond objective criticism or normal “poltics,” and is ultimately counter-productive and damaging to the long-term best interests of Ypsilanti.

I hear I’m not supposed to vote for Johnson because he was in favor of the stupid income TAX and I’m not supposed to vote for Murdock because when he was mayor he set himself up sweet heart deal to direct a city service that the courts ruled was totally ILLEGAL and unethical.

Do your own Google search to learn even more about Pete.